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{Discussed: Point Brugge, celebrating sports wins, mouth water.}

MG: It was a lovely rainy evening, and I was really enjoying my trench coat.

SG: Whilst I embraced the cropped sweater and my new patent leather peep-toe pumps.

MG: Those were cute. And I thought both are looks went really well with the atmosphere (which I thoroughly enjoyed) of Point Brugge Café, conveniently located in Point Breeze.


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{Discussed: Dolce, South Side, VIP Clubs, Name-Raping, Rico Suaves, Douche-bags}

MG: So it’s been a while since our last get together. Of course that’s not my fault: I did get tickets to Chicks with Dicks but was stood up.

SG: Listen here biddy, I was suffering from graduate-school-itis-exhaustis.

MG: I understand, and maybe if our re-do of that evening at Dolce was more fulfilling, I still wouldn’t harbor a little bitty grudge.

SG: Yes, Dolce was not so sweet.

MG: Dolce, it turns out, is Italian for douche-bag! Since it was full of them.

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{Discussed: Movies, tiramisu, fun-ships, cowboy boots, Enrico’s, UUBU6, wine-buzzes.}


{Spoiler alert: You will find Sex and the City spoilers from the onset of this dialogue. Caveat lector.}


MG: First thing’s first: Sex and the City the Movie…thoughts?


SG: My year is now complete.


MG: So you liked it?


SG: What’s not to like? Fabulous shoes. Fabulous clothes. Fabulous story lines. 



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We began our evening with a viewing of “Baby Mama” at SouthSide Cinema.

SG: So what’d you think?

MG: I thought it was cute; it could’ve actually been funnier if it would’ve been written by Tina Fey. Because you know “30 Rock” and Mean Girls are really funny.

SG: Mean Girls was hilarious and Baby Mama was not so much. Definitely a save-your-money-wait-till-it-comes-out-on-cable movie.

MG: I did like the outfits.

SG: True, it was definitely funny when Amy Poehler peed in the sink, but I’m not really sure what was up with her hair.

MG: That was probably their attempt to distinguish her as “white trash.”

SG: She did just fine; they didn’t need to go there with the hair.

MG: Well I think that just speaks to the level of performance in the film. Because the performances were good for the material.


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