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A teenager, male or female, in spotlight

Last summer, when I worked in a café, I waited on a couple who came in regularly. They were young, and from what I could tell, they were very much in love. They were so nice to me, asked how I was doing, how was school. I began to think of them as friends.


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Red + Blue

Scene 1:

Red is sitting on a bench, in a bus terminal. She is sitting, filing her nails, with an enormous, plasticky-looking bag lying at her feet. In the bench across from her sits Blue, who has a large, army-surplus duffel bag. While Red wears a hoodie and raver pants, Blue wears a sharp jacket, comfortable jeans and a Twins baseball cap. He’s reading a newspaper, flipping through the sections slowly, disinterestedly.

Red’s cell phone rings. She huffs and pulls it out.

RED: What? (Pause). No, I don’t want to talk right now. (Pause). Why? Because I can’t be private. (Pause). Oh, my God, Dad, because I’m in bus station. (Pause). Daddy, Jesus, because I’m taking the bus. It’s a layover. Haven’t you ever taken the bus before? (Pause). You haven’t. OK, well sometimes the bus stops, and you have to wait for the next one. (Pause). I’m not saying you’re stupid. You’re saying you’re stupid.


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