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Energy thick as grits
Reactions substantial like water in a grease fire
Lodging for one to prick the desire
Someone take us higher.

As I arrive at the door
The rest of the 5 stand behind me;
He had some order fixation
While all of my siblings breathe anxiety.


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Wild West

Robert Isenberg

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Sometimes kids show up where you least expect them. Like at your job. No matter what one’s employment situation, a small child eventually shows up at the workplace, and suddenly you’re discovering parts of the office you never knew were edible.
This happens to me now and then. Inevitably this small child (for example, Kait, a visiting former co-worker’s delightful 4-year-old), will run around like a happy maniac, and I somehow end up entangled in fishing wire, all the while trying to answer three phones and restructure something that just malfunctioned in the database system.

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