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For several years, you’ve avoided football and have been quite happy quilting or scrapbooking, or whatever productive thing it is people who don’t follow football do with their spare time.

Prior to Super Bowl XL, the Steelers hadn’t been to a Super Bowl in a long time and hadn’t won one in an even longer time, so you were allowed to be excited and root for the home team without needing to speak intelligently about the game. Everyone knew Jerome Bettis was from Detroit, that Bill Cowher needed to finally to get the monkey off his back, and that, damn it all, this was going to be the year that the Steelers got that elusive “one for the thumb.” There were likeable characters, good storylines and a great catch phrase. If you got swept onto the bandwagon, you were not alone, and everyone with football knowledge who made the assertion they were a “true fan” was too elated to care how long you had been on the bandwagon, just as long as you were excited and there was beer.

Two years passed and the Steelers weren’t really relevant in the playoffs. You were okay just sitting in the corner, rooting for a good game, and openly saying that you were just there for the company and the commercials.

This year, though, is different. (more…)


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I have a Steelers Super Bowl DVD. Why does the film look completely different from a televised game?
It’s because the Steelers are totally awesome.
Well, the Steelers are, in fact, totally awesome, but that’s not the reason your Super Bowl DVD is different from the televised game. The explanation begins and ends with NFL Films.


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Why doesn’t Pittsburgh have a professional basketball team?
The short answer is that Pittsburgh really isn’t a basketball town. The long answer involves the Basketball Association of America.

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Why are hockey players so famous for losing teeth, while football players are not?

A big part of it, no doubt, is because football players are a bunch of pansies and hockey players have stones like the Rock of Gibraltar.

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