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It’s worth $1.2 million, and she couldn’t even give it a good title.

This is what he thinks as he chews the end of a toothpick, usually hidden between the third and fourth fingers of his left hand, while waiting for his next cigarette break. His shoes hurt. He needs to take a leak. He stares, unblinking, at the painting.

America has turned out to be a blur of Untitleds and Nude No. Fours, of artificial lights and concrete floors and rich women who ignore him unless they need to find the nearest powder room. Pittsburgh has turned out to be not a steel town, but a robot town, a city of gray skies and one-way streets without signs. His home has turned out to be closeted nest of McDonald’s wrappers and infant gear, presided over by the now-pregnant girl he brought over with him from Azerbaijan. 



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