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Nothing better to do
while waiting for you
then to read the magazines
on your coffee table.

I thumb through
to the horoscopes,
hone in on Leo.

One issue, it proclaims
I will meet the perfect man.
And I thought I was
the perfect man.


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Your Scar

My fingers roam
the soft flesh of your brow,
feel a minor ridge above your right eye.
It’s a small scar
not like the scuff of soldiers’ boots
or the woodcutter’s axe in a tree.
It’s an almost invisible seam
from a long-ago car accident. (more…)

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The Wrong Guy

When you’re with people,
it’s a tossup whether to be
fully revealed.
First impulse is always
to clutch yourself to yourself
like you’re your own baby.
But when you start concealing,
you run the risk of concealing everything,
until there’s no one left
to receive advice,
to ignore it as best you can.

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I Am Not A Poet Now

You know how I hate to do this.
A poet is a solitary animal,
hunchbacked over a typewriter…
okay, a computer keyboard.
In company, he’s someone else.
With you, he’s a would-be lover not poet.

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