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So I bleed you and I breathe you, but that doesn’t mean I think about you with every drag of my soggying cigarette. It’s just the rain, it’s been here before.

Like I haven’t noticed you peering out the clouded window of your apartment just to see if I’m still camped out on your fire escape. No, I’m not there, I’ve moved onto the bench around front, and I still feel your presence in the damp air. A vagabond asks for some change, and I spare him all I can, kept in the left pocket of the jean jacket you gave me, because the sewn patch of The Who reminded you of me in the thrift store window. It fit me, and when I wear it I smell you and I think of all the love drunk times you slid your arms into it and squeezed the juts of my hipbones. Your breath swirled with Camel Lights — never menthol — and I could’ve gotten drunk off the damp hair at the base of your neck. Come upstairs… you’d breathe into my mouth, and I’d comply.


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