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I am sorry that I can’t smile back,
return the raised eyebrow, the shoulder tilt
you exuded in my direction
like a hot breath or a muted hello.


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is that they can appear anywhere,
like in downtown Cleveland
when, on an August day
that boils the surface of a street corner,
a rogue black hole leaps up from beside the curb
where a young girl slips a powdered dollar bill
into the pocket of a cracked ivory statue
who hands out disease in tiny plastic bags,
and the black hole starts expanding and…

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The mother sits in the hearse and remembers

him smiling through cake-bitten teeth, arms flapping—
those pudgy, wind-driven sails on the beach…

…her little sand dollar chasing gulls
with chocolate-covered fingertips, reaching
for orange marshmallows in the sky…

…slowing down, breeze dying, cheeks sun-red…

…still. That night
they squeezed around a plastic table,
the hum of fast shuffles around the restaurant,
and drank grease through straws.

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